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Jahkini Bisselink joined Whetston strategic foresight in 2020, as a youth expert. Jahkini is a former United Nations Youth Delegate and now continues her work researching trends amongst her own generation, generation Z. She has developed into a memorable speaker, working with clients like Deutsche Telekom and the European Parliament.
Jahkini’s strong suit is that she is able to give an authentic insight in the world of her own generation: Gen Z, whilst clearly understanding how to translate this knowledge into business take-aways.
In her role as a UN Youth Delegate she has spoken with 4000+ young people in the form of consultations and travelled from New York to Geneva to let their voice be heard.
At the age of 18 she gave her first speech during the General Assembly of the United Nations, and over the years she has developed into an inspiring speaker, who can bring a fresh breath of air to the stage.



Contrasts in Technology: Technology at work and at home
Technology at work tends to be about efficiency and productivity. Technology on your phone and iPad tends to be fun and useful. Why are these worlds different? How can we make things better? Should there be a divide, or should there be more of a blend?
Jeremy Hyman advises both MGI and firms around the world. In this session, he will lead and facilitate the conversation, but it is your opportunity to discuss, probe and challenge the status quo of your firms’ use of technology, and consider better ways of harnessing it in the future.


Jeremy Hyman has worked for 25 years in the professional services sector. With a degree in law, and spells variously as IT manager, partner, software developer and management consultant, Jeremy has acquired a host of technical, practical and commercial skills.
Jeremy heads up Jeremy Hyman Associates, where a team of thirteen provide leadership and guidance in technology matters to more than 20 of the Top 60 accountancy firms in the UK, USA and Europe. The firm also advises worldwide seven of the top 20 associations and networks of accountants and their members.
Jeremy helps partners in professional firms fully understand the impact and benefit that technology can deliver, in plain language, taking away the mystery of IT. He provides credible, reliable and independent leadership enabling firms to use technology to maximise efficiency, offers innovative services, and boost profits.


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